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What can I do for you?

I help people who may be feeling stuck in their lives. Or who may be feeling fear, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of motivation, or lack of confidence. Or who are feeling pain -- both physical and emotional. Are you experiencing any unwanted or limiting beliefs, emotions, feelings or thoughts that may be holding you back, or causing you to feel a way you don't want to be feeling right now?

 I can help. 

Maybe you have an issue or problem that has been causing you some pain in your life; one that you've had for some time? You may have even given it a great deal of thought. Maybe you've tried to ignore it and that didn't work. Perhaps you've tried different ways to deal with it, or escape from it, or hide from it, or to get rid of it? And none of those have worked either.

 I can help. 

When things begin to fall apart in your life or maybe you are just ready for a change but you don't know what to do next...

 I can help. 

Or maybe you have achieved some degree of success and achievement in your life in terms of personal and professional accomplishment. And now you are ready to move on to the next level? Maybe you are a coach or therapist yourself and are looking for a personal coach to help you build your business to where you really want it to be? Or you are not sure what direction to take? Or you want to perform better? Or you are asking yourself, "is that all there is?" Or, "why isn't there more meaning in my life?" Or, how can I do what I do even better? Or, whatever it is that is causing you to feel stuck or to feel the way you don't want to feel right now.

 I can help. 

Call Ray @ 612-803-7541 to find out how I can help you change now, or email Ray at ray@raystiles.com.

I want you to consider a few things.

First, know that when we exercise our brains, we put our Neurons in action. "Cells that fire together wire together," meaning that synapses, or unions between neurons, get solidified and strengthened the more often the respective neurons "talk" to each other.

Second, if you continue to think about and talk about your problem in the same way you have been, chances are you will continue to experience your problem in the same way, and will continue to get the same unwanted results -- firing those same neurons in the same way and thus strengthening them in a way you don't want.

Third, all you are is change. All you are is changing, constantly; moment to moment. You can't help it; it's a basic law of physics. If we were to get together one year from now, more than 99% of all the sub-atomic particles in our bodies would be different. In fact you have changed from the time you started reading this last sentence and right now. Yet we still think we're the same? How can that be?

That can be partially answered by the fourth thing I want you to consider. You can't hold on to any one emotion or feeling for more than 90 seconds at a time. It's an actual biochemical process that occurs in the brain and nervous system. The longest any one urge or strong emotion can "coast along" bio-chemically in our nervous system is 90 seconds.

For any emotion to persist or to last longer than 90 seconds, you have to be re-creating it in some way. The nervous system has to be re-minded to keep firing the same circuitry over and over again. It has to be re-engaged, either through internal stimulation, like making pictures or self talk, or through external stimulation, like anchors or triggers in our environment -- things that we see or hear that set it off again.

And the stronger the feelings or negative thoughts you are experiencing the greater the number of circuits in your brain that are simultaneously activated or fired off.

So the good news is you really can't easily hold on to a problem or strong unwanted emotion for more than 90 seconds.

And the bad news is you've become very good at re-creating your problem or re-minding your nervous system to keep it alive by firing those same circuits; over and over again.

And the good news about that... is why you are here today. I can help you make the changes you want now. Somehow you found this website. You took some action that got you here.

So take the next step and call Ray @ 612-803-7541 to find out how I can help you change now, or email Ray at ray@raystiles.com.

So what can I do for you?

I don't have all the answers. But I can start by helping you take the next step.  I can help you ask the right questions or even to ask the next smallest question.

 I can help you by beginning to think about and talk about your problem in new ways. To begin breaking up the old patterns of thought, to reframe them to help you get unstuck. I can help you take the next step to help you create new neural connections, new associations, new triggers, new options, new choices; have more choice in your life.

 I can help you to focus on the positive end results, your End-State-Energy, as you access more of your resources; naturally. I can help you begin accessing everything the problem is not, which is far, far greater, so that the boundaries that were boxing you in begin to dissolve and disappear.

 I can help you move through and beyond the problem, to being the person you want to be. I can help you begin to get the results you want in your life. I can literally help you begin to change the neural structure and bio-chemistry of your brain.

 I can help you to move through uncertainty -- especially in these uncertain times -- so that you can be more productive, more resourceful and more in-tune and comfortable with yourself and those people who are important to you. To help you in living your life the way you really want to.

So there are just two questions I want to ask you to consider right now. The first question is;

"What do you want to work through with me, right now?" What is the one issue or problem that is most pressing in your life, that is causing your the most pain, right now that I can help you work through?

And the second question is;

"How do you want to BE ... feeling ... different in your life right now?" When you are way BEYOND all of that, living your life the way you want to be living, feeling the way you want to be feeling, having made good decisions and looking back knowing that you are experiencing and being all that you can be; how do you want to be different now?

 I can help you do that.

And all you need to do is take the next step; just like you did in finding this website. Take the next step and either call or email to set up your private appointment right now so I can begin to help you take the next step to being the person you want and were meant to be.

 Call right now to schedule your Therapeutic Tele-Coaching session so you can begin to experience the process of change now. 

Call Ray @ 612-803-7541 NOW, to find out how I can help you change, or email Ray at ray@raystiles.com.

Most of my clients are referrals and many of them come to me as a last resort. When they have tried everything else and have not gotten the results they want they come to talk to me to get relief and make the changes in their life they are seeking. A common remark I hear is, "I wish I would have talked to you first and saved all the time and money." Please give me a call or send an email to schedule your first Therapeutic Tele-Coaching session so you can begin to experience the process of change right now. 

If I don't answer my telephone I am either with a client or the phone is turned off. So in addition to leaving a voice mail message, BE SURE to send me an email, thanks.

"Thinking Determines What You Want, Action Determines What You Get."

I only have a limited number of openings for new clients right now. If you would like to begin the process to Change Now, please give me a call or send an email today.  

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Hypnosis Performance Center logo raystiles.com I use the most advanced and transformative techniques to help you change quickly, including, but not limited to: Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Quantum Release™ Coaching (QR), Quantum Mechanics, The Silva Method, The Sedona Release Method, Emotional Intelligence, Systems and Non-linier Chaos Theory.

My headquarters are located in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities, Minnesota area). However, the majority of my therapeutic coaching sessions are conducted over the telephone, so no matter where you are, you can begin to make the positive changes in your life you want right now.

The following is a sampling of conditions or issues successfully treated with Quantum Release Coaching:   * Abuse * Addictions * Allergies * Anger * Anxiety * Athletic Performance * Bad Habits * Bed Wetting * Beliefs & Values * Childhood Trauma * Coaching the Coach * Concentration * Confidence * Creativity * Chronic Fatigue * Chronic Pain * Dealing with Divorce, Separation & Death * Depression * Eliminate Unwanted Habits & Emotions * Emotional Trauma * Emotional Clearing * Fear of Intimacy * Fears & Phobias * Fibromyalgia * Finding Lost Objects * Fitness, Health & Well-being * Habit Control * Hair Pulling * Health Issues * Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction * Insomnia * Irritable Bowel Syndrome * Learning * Loss * Low Self-Esteem * Manage Time * Memory Loss * Migraines * Motivation * Nail-biting * Nausea * Pain Control * Panic Attacks * Personal Development * Personal Transformation * Phobias * PMS * Procrastination * Public Speaking Fears * Relationship * Sales Enhancement * Self Esteem & Confidence * Sexual Inhibitions * Smoking Cessation * Spiritual Growth * Sports Performance & Enhancement * Stop Smoking * Stress Reduction * Study Habits * Teeth Grinding * Test Taking * Weight Loss and Maintenance * Writer's Block *  

Get your questions answered, then contact us for help today!

E-Mail ray@raystiles.com or, Call Ray @ 612-803-7541 NOW.

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"You never know, how far a change will go."

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